Our Outsourced payroll service is offered with two objectives in mind – to save our clients time and money. We process payroll for your organization’s local and expatriate employees in a timely and accurate manner. When you put your candidates on our payroll, that actually makes us the employer of record. That means all the statutory costs and expenses are on us. Our services include:

Gross-to-net calculations including gross-ups

Payment of employees’ social security contributions to SSNIT

Comprehensive monthly payroll reporting

Local compliance (payroll tax filings)

Net pay delivery to expats through wire transfers

Tax payments to tax authorities

Terms: Clients are responsible for the total cost of remuneration of each employee (gross salary, overtime, bonus, social security contributions, income tax and other benefits or allowances).

Reasons to choose Top-notch Recruitment for your Outsourced Payroll Function

Accuracy & Reliability


Compliance with statutory regulations