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For Participating Employers (PEs) There is ABSOLUTELY NO COST involved. All we ask is for you to:

  • Offer Salary Advances as a Voluntary Employment Benefit to employees
  • Agree to deduct monthly repayments from employees’ salary
  • Remit Top-notch Business Group Ltd., (via bank transfer) the total amount payable per month over the term of the Salary Advance

For Employees it means the PEACE OF MIND that comes with meeting unplanned financial obligations such as:

  • Rent Advances
  • School Fees
  • Medical Expenses
  • Car Repairs
  • Funeral Costs

Salary Advance

Our Employee Financial Assistance program is designed to offer Salary Advances as an employment benefit to employees of Participating Employers. Short-term loans ranging from GHS 500 to 20,000 are issued to qualifying employees for emergency personal expenses. These low-rate loans are administered under the Top-notch Micro-Credit Services – the microlending division of Top-notch Business Group Ltd.

We are licensed by the Bank of Ghana and are a member of the Micro-Credit Association of Ghana.

Participating Employer

Free up your working capital locked up in IOUs…

Top-notch Salary Advance was launched in response to the need for QUICK, SHORT-TERM, and AFFORDABLE funds for employees to meet occasional emergency expenses. As a complementary product to our payroll management service, Top-notch Salary Advances are offered to Participating Employers to enable them to free up their working capital locked up in staff IOUs, for income generating activities.

We partner with employers who offer this as a voluntary employment benefit to their staff and agree to deduct the monthly repayments from payroll. With this collaboration, we are able to limit our risk and lend at competitive rates, thereby passing on the savings to the employees who need the money.

How it Works

We are true to ourselves, and commit to always perform at our best.

We believe that we are outstanding. Not because we say it, but because we work hard at it. We are dedicated, committed and focused. We believe that every person will reach their personal best and overcome any challenge through a shared culture and ethos.

Frequently asked questions

To be Eligible, employees must:

  • Be on the Participating Employer’s (PE) payroll for at least 6 months prior to applying for the Salary Advance
  • Have salaries directly deposited into a bank account, and
  • Agree to payroll deductions for the repayment of the salary advance

We provide 3 repayment options of 6, 9, and 12 months available depending on your circumstances.

If approved, get cash sent to your bank within minutes after approval without the hassle of bank paperwork.

Call 020 165 6369 or send a message with the reference Application (Employee) / Application (Participating Employer) via our contact form here.

Reasons to sign up as a PE

Below are a few of the reasons you cannot afford to pass on such a great benefit:

  • CAPITAL – no need to lock up your operating capital in IOUs
  • LOYALTY – build loyalty and improve morale by facilitating access to QUICK, AFFORDABLE, SHORT-TERM financial assistance to employees
  • PERKS – offer our LOW-interest Salary Advances as an attractive and vital benefit program for your employees and save them the trouble of dealing with banks and Micro-finance institutions